Louis Richard Watches History

Since 2008 Louis Richard has been proud to bring to the world high quality watches from our world-class master craftsmen. Each watch that Louis Richard produces is an exquisite representation of a life-long passion that is simply unequaled. The inspiration that can be felt in all of our unique creations goes back to a man whose revolutionary designs brought true innovation to the horological landscape: Louis Jean Richard.

Louis Jean Richard was born in Le Locle on October 22nd, 1812. As a master watchmaker, his first major piece was a chronometer with free constant force escapement. For it, he won a gold medal from the Patriotic Emulation Society of Neuchâtel; presently, it is displayed in the Musée International d'Horologerie in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Louis Richard also co-created the Swiss marine chronometer industry.

As a distinguished watchmaker-manufacturer, Louis Jean Richard's fine precision pieces were greatly admired at the Universal Exhibition in London and especially at the exhibition in Paris in 1855, and contributed to highlight the qualities of fine watchmaking in Le Locle. An official delegate at the latter exhibition, he submitted to it a much read report, in which, in particular, he was one of the first to announce the need for creating a cantonal observatory for checking precision timepieces. While waiting, he had set up his own observatory by fixing a meridian circle, which he had procured in Paris, to the window of his study and used it to observe the passage of the stars, to correct the time of his astronomical clock. This clock, entirely built by his own hand, is a pure masterpiece. It is of remarkable precision and finish. Its constant force escapement is his own design. This clock is currently the property of Mr. Numa Robert-Waelti, watchmaker and deputy of La Chaux-de-Fonds.

In 1856 Louis Jean Richard was named a corresponding member of the Society of Arts in Geneva, the oldest cultural society of Geneva devoted to the arts, agriculture, and industry, including horology.

In keeping with the watchmaking tradition started by his family in Switzerland and Louis Jean Richard's own pursuit of precision and excellence, we are pleased to bring to America the new line of Louis Richard timepieces for a new generation. Avant-garde looks with mechanical and automatic functions suitable for the most discriminating gentleman: this is Louis Richard.