David Haynes Resume

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A Brief History

Let’s see, I began dabbling with web sites in 1998 as a bit of a hobby. My love for video games actually opened the door a bit with doing news updates for a few Command & Conquer related web sites. Back in those days you had to edit the news manually and I learned HTML from looking at these gaming sites source code. I picked up the basics fairly quickly and then applied my design skill which lead to the creation of various fan sites for one of their upcoming games.

About a year later I started an IT position in Denton doing basic tech. support and computer maintenance. About 4 months in, they asked me to re design their web site. This was my first big corporate project. Nearly a year later I decided to move to an actual web developer type position at a publishing company across the street to gain further experience. I helped them re design their company presence as well as a few micro sites for their school books they published. Here I also learned Flash but not the Flash you think, the discontinued Adobe LiveMotion was my program of choice since it had an easy to learn interface that had that good ole Adobe feel.

Over the next 6 years I continued to hone my skills in doing mostly contract work. During this time I either designed or coded nearly 300 various projects for individuals or small business. During the later part of this time I jumped into programming in learning PHP/MySQL to a fair degree. While I'm not a PHP Expert, I've built basic content management systems, stores and modded various forums and scripts. I'm more of a procedural programmer at this point and still learning OOP.

During the next 2 years I found myself working a lot more in on-site assignments. One of which was for TM, an Ad Agency in Dallas. I was responsible for re building the HTML/CSS for discovernetwork.com. I also gave assistance in slicing and coding several micro sites for various ad campaigns that included Verizon SuperPages, Nation Wide and American Airlines. This was probably my best experience in working on these very large client web sites, especially given the QA aspect for such sites.

My most recent work experience was for The Attorney Store which is now known as GetLegal.com. They provide listings for lawyers that give the public the ability to find legal services. Think of them as the WebMD of legal. My responsibilities included site layout design, development of the HTML and CSS for most of their client sites and integrating forum and blog applications into these sites as well.

To be continued...